Frequently I offer classes based on realistic spirituality and practical wisdom that helps you to:

  • to think new ways,
  • get to know yourself better,
  • understand your feelings,
  • change behavior,
  • fall in love with yourself!


The workshops are self-awareness trainings. 


Every workshop is available as private session.


The Workshops

"Fall in Love with yourself."

Do you beat yourself up?

Do you think you are not good enough?

Do you doubt yourself? 

You need to stop it!


Self-Love is the most important base of your life. When you are in love with yourself,

  • you will make better choices,
  • you will take care of your needs,
  • you will accept yourself and your journey,
  • you will be kind to yourself and others,
  • you will be able to have healthy relationships,
  • you will heal yourself.

Learn practical and simple tools to fall in love with yourself and live your daily life encouraged from your heart.


Are you ready to learn how to fall in love with yourself?  

"Love your Fear and it will Disappear!"

Everybody should know their fear, because when fear is unconscious its holding you back. When fear is conscious it supports us in reaching what we want.


Fear is a basic emotion of human beings. But, 

  • What is fear?
  • Why is fear so powerful?
  • Who are you without your fear?

Do you want to know how fear loses power over your life and push you into your authentic self?



  • to understand how fear operates in your body,
  • how to approach your fear,
  • simple tools to release unprocessed fear,
  • how to have the strength to transform your fear into excitement,
  • how fear becomes your friend.

Don´t let fear rule your life and hold you back from what you want in life.

"The Art of positive Self-Talk!"


The way we are talking to ourselves has a direct impact on our emotional and physical well-being. How do you talk to yourself?


Most of us have an inner critic that does not serve us at all. Often we talk to ourselves so rudely, we would never talk to anybody like we are talking to ourselves.



  • how to become an observer of all your voices without engaging
  • how to replace negative self-talk with kind words for yourself
  • how damaging it is to beat yourself up 
  • how to commit to a beautiful state of mind

Become the boss of your voices and decide consciously how you want to feel.

"Learn how to meditate and integrate into your daily life!"

Meditation is essential in a healthy life style.


Do you want to learn how to meditate?

Or do you know already how how, but you struggle with a daily practice?


This workshop focuses on practical tools and techniques how to meditate in a city that is fast and where nobody hast time.


You will learn:

  • how to release negative emotions.
  • breathing techniques to calm your mind.
  • how to integrate a daily meditation practice.
  • to understand the connection between your thoughts and emotions.

"Set your goals & get your goals!"


Life can get so busy and it is easy to get lost in daily life. Year after year our goals stay but thats about it.


This class is an opportunity

  • to reflect on yourself and set new intentions and goals,
  • to learn how to set a the goal in a way that you will reach it,
  • make an action plan step by step towards your goal,
  • to avoid the enemies of reaching your goals,
  • to learn how the 'universe' response to your intentions.

You will get in a new mind-set to make your life happen.

Lets keep in touch time by time. Stay informed and conscious!

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