Healing by Eva


I'll invite you to my Healing Studio in Brooklyn Bedford-Stuyvesant for your Healing Session.


While you are laying down and relax, I'll connect you to your breath and guide you gently to a place of inner peace. I read energies. The information that we will receive will gives an opportunity to reflect and you get awarness to unconscious mind concepts and beliefes. We will work together to shift your awarness to a more healthy way of thinking. 

Energetically we will work on releasing unprocessed life events. Your energetic self holds this information and we will work on balance within yourself and your aura.

The goal is to lead you to your place of self-healing, deep connection to your intuition and strengthing your love to your self. Your natural state of being is loved, balanced and connected. 


The work I do, is hands off healing.

You stay fully dressed.


The session is about 60 minutes.


Plan freetime and an open schedule after the session.

Distance healing sessions are available.


After I received your payment, I'll get in touch with you to book your appointment.


60 minutes 1-on-1 healing


  • Available

Kundalini Breathwork for a courageous heart 10/13


Kundalini Breathwork is an ancient sacred meditation technique to release stuck emotions, subconscious garbage, mental and physical blockages. It connects you to your deepest truth, opens your heart and activates your ability to heal yourself.


We'll use the power of the full moon (in Aries) to open your heart to be more courages in your life and on your path of growth.


When: Sunday, October 13th, 6 - 8pm

Where: 122 Waterbury St in Brooklyn (11206)

Exchange: $35 


Bring a Yoga mat & water.

Wear comfortable clothing, if possible white.

Don't eat 1 - 2 hours before. An empty stomach, but not hungry allows a deep breathing.


  • Available