Who is Wild Woman?

Hi, I am Eva, a healer, spiritual explorer and a Wild Woman. Wild like Mother Earth itself.


I am part of a movement of a new womanhood. I believe that the feminine energy on earth has to heal within every human. I believe in a new consciousness on earth. I believe that we are here for a reason.


I love to see when someone understands themselves deeper and make positive changes in their mindset and behavior towards themselves and start living truth.


My journey to myself started with a massive nervous breakdown in 2008. I found myself totally burned out and overwhelmed. I couldn't be that person anymore, that I wasn't meant to be. I had to find my truth and follow my heart. I had to figure out this life.


That was the best decision of my life. After I cried all my pain out and found the strength to start my life, I realized waking up comes with a price. I had to shed of my skin, layer of parts that were not me.


What a journey! I turned every piece of me upside down to see whats there. I took everything of the table to see what comes back. I sold my company in Germany and I traveled the world. I played with different lifestyles to find my style and I moved to New York to help other strong women with their awakening and healing.


I´m born and raised in Germany. I´m born as an Artist in New York. The world is my home.


My work is influenced by shamanism, Kundalini Yoga and a profound Life and Business Coaching education (NLP, Hypno Coaching, EFT, Systemic constellation and coaching). 


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