Healing by Eva

I'll invite you to my Healing Studio in Brooklyn Bedford-Stuyvesant for your Healing Session.


While you lay down and relax, I'll connect you to your breath and guide you gently inside to a place of inner peace. I read your energy on multidimentional levels. The information that I receive in the energy reading are often a hint for your healing. Through a reflecting of the information that we'll receive, you will understand your concepts of the MIND better and the healing can happen through UNDERSTANDING and a conscious shift of awarness. 


When we carry unprocessed life events within, it pollutes our energy field and dimes the light of our souls. By scanning your aura, I sence blockages that we'll release and your energy can flow freely. Through this cleanse, your vibration will raise.

A higher vibration promotes the self healing. A higher vibration helps you to be emotional more stable. It strenghthen your Aura and protects your energy from draining. When we CONNECT to our SOUL, we experience truth love for ourselves.


The work I do, is hand off healing.

You stay fully dressed. 


Distance healing sessions are available. Please apply.


A healing session is about 60 minutes.

Exchange US$ 111


Plan freetime and an open schedule after the session.


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What people say about me


Jasmine T.

Meeting with Eva totally changed my life. Eva's energy is unmatched! She helped me change my perspective and realize that how people treat me is a reflection of who they are and has absolutely nothing to do with me. I highly recommend her!


Juliana N.

I attend the group classes at the Wild Woman The Art of Consciousness for about one year now and absolutely love them!!! Eva studies and shares with us precious knowledge she researches and help us achieving important insights in different topics related to consciousness for better living. I can't recommend her classes enough! Eva became a friend and helped me face - with joy and courage - one of the toughest transitions in my life. If you're into personal growth and the pursue of an authentic life you should definitely meet her!


Erin H.

Eva is a wonderful coach, & a wonderful person in general! She has a warm inner glow that makes you feel safe & comfortable in her presence. Her knowledge, wisdom & spirituality mixed with her being down to earth makes it easy to relate to her, while sharing some of life's most confusing/troubling issues. And her creative approach to the different services she offers is a total bonus! Especially since coaching is never "one size fits all." I'm so grateful for her input & inspiration.


Mafalda C.

Coming across Eva has been one of the best things that happened to me recently. She has a beautiful gift when it comes to both healing and coaching! She operates from an open heart and is truly dedicated to helping others. During her sessions I have been able to identify and connect with parts of myself that required my attention and have also received valuable information & practices that are helping me cope on a daily basis. Eva utilizes breathing techniques, energy healing, body/organ awareness, meditation and coaching. I recommend her services 100%! If you are looking to become more present, live a more conscious life and let go of negative patterns that are holding you back, you should definitely get in touch! I am certainly going to keep coming back for more.
P.S. She is also extremely approachable :)


Newq C.

There is something truly unic about Eva - her natural warmth, honesty, compassion, integrity, and soothing skills are a gift to New york city.  Her presence is uplifting and she's easy to trust (and easy to love). I've been intending to almost all her workshops, and I'm very sensitive to the power of her voice during guided meditations. 
I also had some concrete results like a new website I was trying to set up for years until the goal session made it a reality! If you wanna know more about yourself and are really to dive in the journey with authenticity and heart, you'll feel safe an guided by a loving kind wild woman.