Healing the Wild

Why healing?


The feminine aspects were neglected in society for hundreds of years or even for centuries and we lost the divine wisdom with it. We experiencing the consequences globally in every aspect of life right now. We need to find the strength individually and collectively to heal the demage and pain that the neglect of the feminine has brought.


I believe, we have to heal the feminine energies within every aspect of life.

I believe in a consciousness society.

I believe in a future where we are able to shift to a vibration of love.


Imagine a world, where we all are using our natural powers, like our intuition. A world where we're connected to our heart and we know the truth. Imagine a life, where we honor the nature of human beings as spiritual beings. 


Imagine yourself deeply connected to your nature aligned with the flow of life, doing what you love. 


We have to start somewhere to make this shift happen. How? Through raising the vibration of as many individuals as possible and use the power of a group to shift to a conscious society. Every human that decide to  heal unprocessed life events, heals pain, gains wisdom will raise the vibration. The more people decide to live their truth, the faster we can achieve a conscious society. The power of a group will heal the vibration on earth and we can achieve the shift.


The old, is done and the new has not happend yet, because we have to create this conscious life. We are all pioneers now to find new ways of conscious living, heal and raise our vibration.


Healing by Eva