Why healing?

The world is waking up and we're craving to remember our truth. We want to feel whole and live our lifes from our hearts. We want to live meaningful and connected to each other. 


Waking up can be quiet challanging. Feelings are all over the place, confusion and unhealed pain comes up and make us feel bad. Unprocessed life events sitting deep under our skin. We have to shredd of old skin in order to be truthful to ourselves.


I work with energies in my healing. Our energy system holds many information. My work is inuitive and I include body, mind and soul to connect you to the unconditional love of our origin.


The goal of my work, is to teach you how to deal with your awakening and be able to unlift yourself in challenging phases into your truth. I believe you are your best healer. We just have to learn and listen to our own voice that guides us on our path.   


We are whole. There is never something missing. We just have to remember and tune in to our souls.


Healing by Eva


The healingwork I do, includes:

  • Mind (understand your pattern, belief system and reflect on new ways of thinking) 
  • Body (feel all feelings, release unprocessed life events and trauma)
  • Soul (grow)


The Body is the vassel for your soul. The Soul experiences life through the body. Your mind creates the world you experience. 


Every healing session is unique, and based on your needs. It is a gentle way to reconnect to your divine nature.


The goal of the healing I offer is, to strengthing your natural state of being. Balanced, connected and intuitive.


I wish for you to be your own independent expert for your healing journey and be able to deal with the challenges of your unique life path.




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